ICS, Intelligence, and Organizing

It has been quite some time since my last post but I am still here! It has been busy. Still have upcoming posts related to some new gear as well as a product review from CATI Armor. Stay tuned for that!

I got super busy due to falling down the rabbit hole after reading an article on The ICS Sytem (Incident Command System) over at The Forward Observer. In the article, Grenadier1 discusses the need to have a database of ICS members/resources that was organized but anonymous. I started on a method for that utilizing username/password authentication in conjunction with PGP encryption. It was an easy system to set up but it got me started in a much larger system of organization.

What I have been pouring time in to is a system that I have installed on a single computer that allows me to track and manage my preps, my intelligence gathering and information (including submitting SPOT, SITREP, and general intelligence info), projects, operations, supplies, etc. I already have basic systems in place for most of this stuff but getting it all in to one place that is indexed, searchable, automated, etc is important to me. Even in grid down, having this running on a solar-rechargeable laptop keeps me in the fight with access to my intelligence database and planning tools.

I won’t divulge too much info as I am working on making it cleaner, sharper, and offering it up to those that are interested in a similar system. But here are some screen shots below. Some of the forms are my own creation, others are based off of AMRRON forms or others I found.





SPOT_BlankI am still very much developing this and working to get each area together and integrated but I hope to have a very functional product in 3-6 months.

Be on the look out for more on this as well as the product review for CATI Armor!


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