New Goodies

Well folks, it has been a really busy few days for me so I don’t have any long winded posts today, just a quick update on a previous topic.

Today I ordered some COMMS gear. Nothing crazy, just a few items for my handheld setup off of the AMRRON store.

First off, I snagged a much better antenna

ant1 ant2

The other two items are power related. I grabbed an extended battery (3800mAh) and a battery pack that holds 6 AAs in case I need to run my radio off of my rechargeable AAs. I like having multiple options for power and AAs are common enough plus I already have a bunch of rechargeable ones and a solar charger for them.


Not a huge haul this time, but some needed items. I have a small go bag that I keep just a handful of items in that the extra power options will go in to. My radio stay’s clipped on that bag for quick access. Once the arrive, Ill do an update post with pictures of the items and the bag.


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