Welcome to The Civilian. 

My name is Robert Townsend Jr. I am a pro-liberty resident of the Republic of Texas. 

I am not a military or law enforcement veteran. I have no special training. I am not a special operations delta-force super force recon scout sniper commando. I am just a normal guy dealing with normal everyday life, trying to determine the best course of action to ensure my ability to survive, thrive, and defend and promote liberty in the coming hardships. I subscribe to many blogs and podcasts put out by veterans and I receive a great benefit from them. But I find that as someone outside of the veteran and armed conflict realm of experience, I don’t quite fit in. I feel like I am missing something. I don’t get all the jokes, references, or acronyms. I feel that I am missing the basic understanding of military structure, troops organization, chain of command, procedures, etc. Sure, I can research of all these things (and frequently do to get caught up) but I wanted to make a place for those of us that are everyday, ordinary civilians.

Hence the name The Civilian.

Our Mission & Focus

This is where I will post any thoughts or feelings I have, though I will try to keep the feelings to a minimum. I will focus on liberty and prepping as it pertains to me in my civilian walk of life. I will be making posts that contain these subjects as they come up in my active projects, actions, and daily life. I will focus on what I am doing, how I am navigating these areas as a civilian, problems or issues I run in to, benefits to what I am doing and why it matters, etc. From time to time there might be how-to posts or gear reviews or guests contributors, all with a focus on realistic and practical tools, skills, and mindset for the survival of liberty and those that stand up for it.

Future Operations

I am hoping that this site generates some traffic and I can find enough time to dedicate to posting frequently. I would like to eventually be posting weekly and possibly have guest contributors and branch out in to podcasts. The main goal being to provide helpful information and ideas to other like-minded individuals. We will see…who knows where we will end up.

I am glad to have you here on my site. Feel free to contact me anytime.